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Climate Change from a Meteorological Point of View

The Fargo Forum published a recent article about WDAY/WDAZ Chief Meteorologist John Wheeler’s scientific perspective on climate change.  It is a good article, he goes beyond the traditional political positions taken in the United States.  He does a good analysis … Continue reading

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Dynamic Truck Routing Solutions from Intergraph

Intergraph had a interesting blog post this week on intelligent semi routing.  It is a web based GIS interface that you can fill out and get a route and permit 24/7 for any load.  Just put your details in and … Continue reading

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Better Analytics Means Better Farming

A recent article in the Perham Focus (Perham MN) talks about the challenges to stay in the black on the farm year after year.  Commodity prices are out of their control, along with the weather, but attempts can be made … Continue reading

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Weather UAVs to Fly into Thunderstorms Becoming Reality

Researchers at Oklahoma State University are developing a Kevlar reinforced UAV to fly into severe and tornadic thunderstorms to acquire data in areas considered unsafe for manned aircraft to collect humidity, temperature, and pressure.  The development will take about five … Continue reading

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NSSL/SPC Spring Experiment 2013

The National Severe Storms Laboratory and the Storm Prediction Center are in their Spring Experiment 2013 as part of NOAA’s Hazardous Weather Testbed.  They are working on high-resolution modeling of convective weather.  Their first week was rough.  They posted their … Continue reading

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Weather Disaster Agencies turn to Facebook and Twitter

This is a good article about how agencies who manage weather disasters turn to social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to get their messages out.  They can receive more storm reports and even general weather reports via social media.  … Continue reading

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