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Damage Assessment Post -Storms

Intergraph has put out a recent blog post interview on rapid damage assessment after storms knock out power grid networks.  It talks about damage assessments taken via traditional GIS ways like tablet data capture, improved network assessments at the control … Continue reading

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Emerging UAV Use in Agriculture Areas

KXNews out of Bismarck, North Dakota had a good recent story on evaluations of UAVs in agriculture by North Dakota State University over a field east of Williston, North Dakota.  It shows an test flight at 200ft grabbing IR imagery … Continue reading

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UAV Industry And Ending of the Current Tech Funding Bubble

Technology growth cycles move quickly and the UAV industry is not immune to it.  The growth over the last year in the United States and across the world is opening up applications to a large, varied usage base with more … Continue reading

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UAV Agriculture Trials in Australia

ABC Rural has a good article about how UAVs in Australia are at the end of a 18 month trial to test the effectiveness.  The UAVs fly in traditional aerial survey patterns, capture imagery down to 1cm pixels, flight levels … Continue reading

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UAV Industry Still In Application Test And Evaluation Stage

Since my last posts on this topic a few months ago on this blog, the Prairie Business magazine put out a good article out about the growth adapting issues in the agriculture remote sensing market.  The story mentions that the … Continue reading

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National Water Center Opening in Alabama

The National Water Center is opening at the University of Alabama.  Its stakeholder goals are to improve flood and water forecasts for emergency responses for flooding or drought like the recent events in California and Texas.  The goal will be … Continue reading

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BNSF Railroad Starting to use UAVs to Survey Rail Assets

BSNF Railroad will be testing UAVs with a FAA Exception to operate Beyond Line of Site.  They have 32,500 miles of railroad track and are testing UAVs even with their limited ranges of around 4miles for some models.  PrecisionHawk USA … Continue reading

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