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UAV Industry And Ending of the Current Tech Funding Bubble

Technology growth cycles move quickly and the UAV industry is not immune to it.  The growth over the last year in the United States and across the world is opening up applications to a large, varied usage base with more … Continue reading

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Proper funding of Atmospheric Sciences Research

The Washington Post put out a good article on the investment of Atmospheric Sciences research.  The story relates return relative to GDP, the better we can understand storms, the better we can anticipate them, the better we can minimize economic … Continue reading

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Agriculture Co-op Resurgance in Australia

Readers of my past posts have seen my ideas of partnering farmers together in co-ops to spread the costs out for UAV flights among many farmers.  While co-ops overall are still popular in the United States, they have been on … Continue reading

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India’s Nationwide Disaster Operations Center in Need of Upgrade

I came across this news story, India’s nationwide disaster operations center runs on one phone line.  Yep, I had to reread it a few times, only one phone line to communicate with the country and other government agencies. The NDMA … Continue reading

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Crowdsourced Municipal Bonds

As we know, municipal bonds are a large way for many smaller government bodies to raise funds for infrastructure projects.  American Public Media’s Marketplace had a good piece on cities selling small bonds on the scale of $500 to the … Continue reading

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US Highway Trust Fund funding extended only until May, 2015

Our divided United States Congress is unwilling to commit to long term funding for the Highway Trust Fund.  It has been extended in short term gaps at the same level since 2008.  The Minneapolis Startribune mentions that locally it does … Continue reading

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