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Australia’s Northern Territory Launches Real Time Emergency Map

A recent story in ABC Rural talks about the recent launch of a real time emergency map system in the Northern Territory region of the country.  It is a real time map of fire and auto accident events that was … Continue reading

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Western Australia Getting Six New Doppler Weather Radars

Western Australia is getting six new Doppler weather radars.  The locations are not on the Bureau of Meteorology site yet.  There is no mention on the BoM site which band of radar they are installing, it will probably be a … Continue reading

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UAV Flights of Australian Rice Fields

ABC Rural put out a story about current UAV flights over rice fields in Australia.  Currently it is just a standard video camera capturing images, no multi- or hyper-spectral ortho imagery which could also be captured but this airborne platform … Continue reading

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Big Data On the Farm Redux

ABC Rural in Australia had a story on Big Data on the Farm last week that is worth discussing here.  It relates to many past posts on this blog, it is key to mention that most data still comes in … Continue reading

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Agriculture Co-op Resurgance in Australia

Readers of my past posts have seen my ideas of partnering farmers together in co-ops to spread the costs out for UAV flights among many farmers.  While co-ops overall are still popular in the United States, they have been on … Continue reading

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Debt Levels of Australian Famers at High Levels

Debt lending to Australian farmers is at high levels and many farmers are over extended with many different, diverse lines of credit according to ABC Rural.  Banks have been lending without much scrutiny for business plans. This is important to … Continue reading

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Rural Renewable Energy By Partnering Farmers Together

Recent posts here have mentioned farmers pooling financial resources to grow the UAV market.   ABC Rural had a story about growing renewable energy in rural areas by having farmers coming together to build many solar panels and wind turbines and … Continue reading

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