Climate Change from a Meteorological Point of View

The Fargo Forum published a recent article about WDAY/WDAZ Chief Meteorologist John Wheeler’s scientific perspective on climate change.  It is a good article, he goes beyond the traditional political positions taken in the United States.  He does a good analysis on the weather vs climate differences.  He mentions that while not proven, many signs are there with a broad consensus in the meteorological/scientific community.  Work is being done to show as much proof as possible by scientific methods.  It makes you think beyond political talking points.


About Chuck Schoeneberger

Former forecaster at Meridian Environmental Technologies Inc (now a Interis Company), with a background in GIS and LiDAR, with other stints at GeoSpatial Services of Winona, MN and Aerometric (Now Quantum Spatial) of Sheboygan, WI. He is a weather technologist for public storm safety from a local to international level. LinkedIn Profile: His views are his own and not of his employer.
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