NOAA Workshop on Parametrization of Moist Processes for Next Generation Weather Models

NOAA is holding a workshop on the Parametrization of Moist Processes for Next Generation Weather Models on January 27-29, 2015.  The workshop is to review current research on moisture processes in the weather model algorithms from the synoptic scale down to the mesoscale down to the microscale.  The hope is to get cloud and moisture processes down so you can have 10km grid points.  As the workshop release mentions, it is extremely difficult to set model parametrization at 1-10km scales as clouds and convection are not easily resolved and traditional assumptions to compensate do not work as well as they could.

As I mentioned in a past post, the scale differences are what makes it difficult to easily merge meteorological and geomatics scales.  Research is moving in that direction to increase the applications overlap of the two disciplines for more real time, real world modeling of events towards disaster management and many other areas.



About Chuck Schoeneberger

Former forecaster at Meridian Environmental Technologies Inc (now a Interis Company), with a background in GIS and LiDAR, with other stints at GeoSpatial Services of Winona, MN and Aerometric (Now Quantum Spatial) of Sheboygan, WI. He is a weather technologist for public storm safety from a local to international level. LinkedIn Profile: His views are his own and not of his employer.
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