NASA App For Dynamic Aircraft Routing with Weather

NASA has developed a tool called Dynamic Weather Routes to automatically adjust flight paths for aircraft around hazardous weather.  Currently American Airlines has it in use.  The tool reduces flight times and fuel costs to the airlines.

This is interesting technology which with the Aerobatic Innovations post a couple days ago can bring this technology down to the UAV level for future flights if Aerobatic Innovations chooses to collaborate with NASA.  It can allow UAV operators to also monitor the current weather conditions, even with low level flights of 400ft or lower to gauge when the UAV needs to come down until conditions improve (and then can also be ready for disaster survey immediately afterwards).


About Chuck Schoeneberger

Former forecaster at Meridian Environmental Technologies Inc (now a Interis Company), with a background in GIS and LiDAR, with other stints at GeoSpatial Services of Winona, MN and Aerometric (Now Quantum Spatial) of Sheboygan, WI. He is a weather technologist for public storm safety from a local to international level. LinkedIn Profile: His views are his own and not of his employer.
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