Crowdsourced Municipal Bonds

As we know, municipal bonds are a large way for many smaller government bodies to raise funds for infrastructure projects.  American Public Media’s Marketplace had a good piece on cities selling small bonds on the scale of $500 to the general public with a good rate of return.  It also helps the investors to be more invested in their community.  We know many levels are government are strapped for funding since 2008, this model can also be used across the world to raise funds for local infrastructure projects.  It applies to GIS/Geomatics as it can be a strong funding source to survey and implement next generation Emergency Management/Public safety projects like this Intergraph one.

Marketplace also did a followup story on the US Highway Trust Fund and how states and other local levels of government are trying to make up the difference, either with higher state and local taxes or implementing toll roads to keep taxes down.

In the Upper Midwest, toll roads are pretty much unheard of.  Historically (since road building in the 1950s) in most parts of the US, taxes have been high enough to fund roads, we need to keep toll roads off the national map as much as possible and properly fund infrastructure to maintain roads and other parts of infrastructure.


About Chuck Schoeneberger

Former forecaster at Meridian Environmental Technologies Inc (now a Interis Company), with a background in GIS and LiDAR, with other stints at GeoSpatial Services of Winona, MN and Aerometric (Now Quantum Spatial) of Sheboygan, WI. He is a weather technologist for public storm safety from a local to international level. LinkedIn Profile: His views are his own and not of his employer.
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